The media Clodagh uses is varied. Lately her "paintings" are often a mixture of pencils, pastels, crayons, inks, gouaches, and watercolors on different paper surfaces. When working on a large scale Clodagh works in oils on canvas and acrylic on canvas and board.




 Painting Sculpture                                              (Oil on canvas                                      Work in clay 

            The media and materials that Clodagh uses are diverse. Her latest "paintings" are often a mixture of pencil, pastel, chalk, ink, gouches and watercolors on different papers. When working in large format Clodagh works in oil on canvas or acrylic on canvas and panel.

Poring Bronze in Dublin Art Foundry - Sculpture in progress
Bronze Cast - sculpture in formation

Cat after bronze process - ready for delivery Ready-to-ship
sculpture - after casting

"Sleeping Cat" - In place
"Sleeping Cat"   - At destination


Finished bronze sculpture at Belfast Castle Fountain
Finished bronze cat at the well of Belfast Castle