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John Behan "Flight of birds"

Born in Dublin in 1938 and now living in Galway city. John Behan is a well-established sculptor of
international architecture.

His major public commissions include Flight of Birds, Famine Ship, Tree of Liberty, Daedalus, Millennium Child, Arrival and Equality Emerging, unveiled at Galway city in
November 2001.

Clodagh Holahan worked in J. Behan's Foundry in the 1970's during a period of student unrest in the NCAD and learned all about bronze casting there. Her sculptures are still produced by this foundry.

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Mark Gertler "Merry go round"

The son of Jewish immigrants from Poland, what born in Spitalfields, London on 9th December, 1891. He was educated at a local boarding school, he decided to become an artist after the work of WP Frith.
Mark Gertler, Gertler was a pacifist and refused to support Britain's involvement in the First World War.
After the Battle of the Somme Gertler painted Merry-Go-round (1916). Considered by many art critics as the most important painting of the First World War, Merry-go-round, shows a group of military and civilian figures on the vicious circle of the roundabout. Gertler was a conscientious objector. Eventually it appeared at the Mansard Gallery in May, 1917.
Clodagh Holahan.

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