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Etaoin Holahan

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The Tall Thistle Syndrome

This can be used to stand out,
speak out, or get noticed, for some reason or other.

The story behind the saying.

It is well known that when walkers land,
they usually carry a stick. If they are a bunch of thistles, they usually take a swipe at the tallest one to cut it down.

If one were to apply this to life in general, it could be interpreted by the farmer (usually by someone in power, although unfortunately, it could be so by a peer, or underling), is to make the thistle (the victim in this case), to conform, or to act in a certain way. The person doing "the cutting" often acts out of jealousy, or fear, reflecting their own inadequacies, insecurities, or need to control.

The thistle usually comes out of the worst from such an encounter. But, if the once tall thistle has not been too damaged, it usually grows up again, just this time it takes to branch out, putting up many thistle heads and often goes unnoticed by the farmer next time around.

Lesson to be learned ....

Do not stop growing, but next time around a change in tactics may be advisable, the whole experience should make you stronger.

Clodagh Holahan

(I dedicated the original Tall Thistle drawing to my second daughter Roisin in the year 2007).



"The Tree" Project
Project "The Tree"




Richard Coghlan




During the last storm, a mature tree fell in the garden of painter, sculptor and author Clodagh Holahan in Unterschleissheim. This is the birth of the idea, to take a piece of wood out of this tree and create a sculpture (a bud - a symbol for the "circle of life") out of this natural product.
Richard Coghlan, a young Irish sculptor and performance artist. In addition to this "live" sculpting, it's also possible to visit Clodagh's bronze sculptures.

A storm brought down an old linden tree in the garden of the painter, sculptor and author,
Clodagh Holahan, in Unterschleissheim near Munich. This was the birth of the idea of ​​creating a sculpture from a part of the tribe (a bud - symbolizing the "cycle of life").
Richard Coghlan, a young and talented Irish wood sculptor and stonemason, realized this project directly on the stump of the fallen tree. In addition to this "live sculpture" Clodagh Holahan exhibited her bronze sculptures.


More information about the event and Richard Coghlan

"The Burning Man" Festival  (2004 - 2007)

The Burning Man festival is located 15 miles outside Gerlach, Nevada in the Blackrock Desert. It is on a clear day and on a clear day it is possible to see the curvature of the earth. Nothing grows here, and for eleven months of the year nothing lives here.

This is a gathering of like-minded individuals who come together in a celebration of alternative art. During the day people wander around the playa looking at and interacting with the ingenious creations.

The atmosphere is one of fun and openness. People bring presents to exchange with new friends. These take the form of pieces of art, jewelery, stories and even food and sweets. No money is exchanged in almost all camps (the only things can be used to buy ice, chai, tea and coffee).

What we propose is to bring to Irish Bar to the desert. First of all I should explain the motivation behind this concept. Everywhere that's my colleague or I've traveled there has been to Irish Bar. From the far away lands of the Northern Territories to the depths of winter in Russia, a pint of Guinness can be enjoyed in the friendly atmosphere that can only be found in a Kitty O Sheas or a Dirty Nellys. We want to bring this to the desert. To one of the most inhospitable places in the world we want to bring the Irish hospitality.

We intend to create an artistically unique Irish bar and gallery with alcohol and art. The Irish all around the world are known for their artistic nature, hospitality and party attitude. What better place to demonstrate the innate artistic nature and good attitude of the Irish.

This gathering is growing every year. Documentaries can be seen each year on Channel Four and other television stations. There is also a web site that can be found at This is not a pretentious festival. Art lovers gather every year to live in the moment. Everything is there for the people who are present and no one else. Art, creativity and originality are celebrated daily and the people who attend this festival take their experiences with them for the rest of their lives.

The Burning Man